Three-day programs generally begin at noon on Monday and continue through noon on Thursday.  Each program includes a well-planned itinerary with students participating in activities throughout the day.  Although each program is designed for the particular grade level listed, those indicated with an asterisk (*) may be adapted to grades 2-8.  Program fees include lodging, food, entrance fees, and student materials for each participant.  Click on any of the following programs to learn more. 

Can You Sea It?

Grade Levels 5-6*

Albion   mudflat 3

Delta Explorations

Grade Levels 7-10


Sierra Discovery

Grade Levels 5-6*

AAA Pond Life 1

Gettin’ Physical

Grade Levels 9-10


Coastal Explorations Montery

Grade Levels 9-12*


Coastal Explorations Albion

Grade Levels 9-10

Albion fish 2

Can You Dig It?

Grade Levels 7-10

Hazen lodi 1

Sierra Explorations

Grade Levels 9-10

Student 1