“CAN YOU DIG IT?” is designed for students in grades 5-10. This popular program focuses attention on the unique geology, ecology and paleontology of the Great Basin.  In the module “I Was Just Petrified,” students have the opportunity to study and collect actual fossils. Students investigate the complex geology of the Great Basin in “Crust Ripples.” “I Was Just Petrfied” focuses on the fossils of Western Nevada. “The BIG Empty” explores the ecology of the Great Basin desert of Nevada. Other modules include “Pyramid Lake,” “A Bad Day For Ichthyosaur,” “Surviving Without Water,” and “California’s Dead Sea.”

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            Pyramid Lake Tour                                                  South Tufa trail hike           

            BLM Wild Horse & Burro Facility                           Panum Crater study

            Nevada State Museum                                           Hazen Fossil Site exploration

            Virginia City experience                                          Grimes Point/Hidden Cave study

            Mono Lake Tour                                                       Ichthyosaur State Park exploration



            “I Was Just Petrified” – Compares the composition of several fossil sites.

            “Crust Ripples” – Investigates the geology that has shaped Western Nevada.

            “California’s Dead Sea” – Studies the ecology and importance of the Mono Lake.

            “The BIG Empty” – Focuses on the ecology of the Great Basin.

            “Pyramid Lake” – Focuses on the history and ecology of Pyramid Lake.

            “A Bad Day for Ichthyosaur” – Examines the ichthyosaurs at Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park.

            “Surviving Without Water” – Examines the adaptations of plants and animals to the desert.

            “Nevada History” – Explores Virginia City’s past and impact on American History.




            Great Basin (Fallon, NV)



            1 chaperone/4 students

            1 cook’s helper

            1 medical supervisor (basic first aid)



*Based on availability