“COASTAL EXPLORATIONS – MONTEREY” is designed for students in grades 5-10. This program focuses on the natural history and ecology of the Central California coast and scientific research. Students study the unique ecology of Elkhorn Slough and learn the natural history of local residents in the module “Life In The Slough.” “Elephant Seals” allows students a chance to study up close the amazing world of the breeding elephant seal colony at Ano Nuevo. The module “Monarch Convention” focuses on the interesting life history of the monarch butterfly. Students are exposed to the exciting world of scientific research in the module “Questions” at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center. Other modules include “Save Our Bay,” “Stories in Stone,” “Sea Searching,” and “Life Tech.”





Año Nuevo State Reserve tour                              Natural Bridges State Park tour

Elkhorn Slough study                                             New Brighton State Beach tour

Elkhorn Slough Safari tour**                                Seymour Marine Discovery Center

Monterey Bay Aquarium tour                               The Tech Museum tour/IMAX



“Life In The Slough” – Examines the unique ecology of Elkhorn Slough.

“Elephant Seals” – Investigates the Ano Nuevo elephant seal colony.

“Monarch Convention” – Investigates the natural history of the monarch butterfly.

“Questions” – Looks at the exciting world of marine research.

“Save Our Bay” – Studies the San Francisco Bay ecosystem.

“Stories in Stone” – Examines local fossil deposits and what they tell about California’s past.

“Sea Searching” – Focuses on the displays at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

“Life Tech” – Focuses on cutting edge advances in human biology and genetics.



Monterey Area



            1 chaperone/6 students

            1 medical supervisor (basic first aid)



*Based on availability

**Additional fee applies