“DELTA EXPLORATIONS” is designed for students in grades 7-10. Students have the opportunity to explore California’s amazing delta ecosystem. The politics and ecology of California’s water battle is investigated in the module “Water Fight!” In the module “The Journey Home,” study is focused on the interrelationship of the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta and migrating species of fish and waterfowl. “Valley Birds” helps students to learn how to identify bird species using field identification guides. Other modules include “Wetlands, Why Save ‘Em?,” “Ecology of Farming,” “Model It,” and “River Cutters.”

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            San Francisco Bay/Delta Model                           San Luis Reservior

            Cosumnes River Preserve birding                        Jepson Prairie wild flower walk

            Mokelumne River exploration                               Grizzly Island hike

            Haggin Museum tour                                              Brannon Island State Park

            Hedrick Agriculture Museum tour                        San Luis Reservoir tour



“Water Fight!” – Investigates California’s water battles.

“The Journey Home” – Takes a look at migratory species that depend on the Delta.

“Valley Birds” – Focuses attention on the field identification of local birds.

“Wetlands, Why Save ‘Em?” – Examines the importance of wetlands.

“Ecology of Farming” – Explores the importance of farming.

“Model It” – Investigates the Bay/Delta model.

“River Cutters” – Studies the process of stream and river erosion.



            Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta, Lodi, CA



            1 chaperone/6 students

            1 cook’s helper

            1 medical supervisor (basic first aid)


*Based on availability