“GETTIN’ PHYSICAL” is designed for students in grades 9-10. In this program students focus on topics related to the study of applied physical science. The modules are designed to improve student understanding of force, motion and energy, and to provide opportunities for problem solving by building models and testing hypotheses. In the module, “Design-A-Coaster and “Mousetrap Racer” students focus on the relationship of force and motion. Aerodynamics and flight are examined in the module “Into the Wild Blue Yonder.”  Students investigate gravitational attraction in “Safe Landing.” Other modules include “Sinkers and Floaters,” “Don’t Get Stuck,” “The Light Fantastic” and “What’s That?”

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Planned Activities*:

Mousetrap Car Derby                                 Leoni Meadows Train Lab

Design-A-Coaster                                       Stomp Rocket Launch

Foil Boat Regatta                                         Balloon Rocket Race

Spool Tractor Race                                     Hover Craft Contest

Leoni Air Races                                           Leoni Meadows Hay Ride



“Mousetrap Racer” – Focuses on relationship of force and motion.

“Design-A-Coaster” – Investigates the forces at work in roller coasters.

“Into the Wild Blue Yonder” – Examines flight and aerodynamics.

“Safe Landing” – Examines gravitational attraction.

“Don’t Get Stuck” – Looks at friction and its relationship to movement.

“Sinkers and Floaters” – Investigates density.

“The Light Fantastic” – Investigates the behavior of light.

“What’s That?” – Focuses on the behavior of sound.



Leoni Meadows Camp, Grizzly Flat, CA



1 chaperone/6 students

1 medical supervisor (basic first aid)


*Based on availability.