“COASTAL EXPLORATIONS – ALBION” is designed for students in grades 9-10. This secondary level program focuses on the many diverse coastal and marine environments on the Northern California coast. Students focus on the classification and ecology of marine invertebrates in the module “Spineless Wonders,” “Up The Staircase” brings students into the study of the geological processes which have shaped the northern coast of California. “Staying Alive” introduces students to the world of aquatic biology. “Do You Have The Key?” provides opportunity for students to use simple classification keys to identify local flora and fauna. Other modules include “Ima Fun Guy,” “Planktonic Relationships,” “Plant Neighborhoods,” and “Riparian Ecology.”

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Intertidal investigations                                          Salmonid Biology/Ecology study

Mud Flat investigations                                          Mendocino Biological Garden project

Jug Handle Staircase tour                                     Noyo Basin Ocean Fisheries tour

Fern Canyon Habitat hike                                      Pt. Cabrillo Preserve tour

Plant Communities study



“Spineless Wonders” – Examines tide pool invertebrates.

“Up The Staircase” – Studies the effects of coastal geological processes.

“Adaptation” – Looks at the adaptations of marine mammals.

“Staying Alive” – Investigates the ecology of aquatic invertebrates.

“Do You Have The Key?” – Investigates the use of taxonomic keys.

“Ima Fun Guy!” – Takes a close look at local mushrooms and toadstools.

“Planktonic Relationships” – Focuses on the diversity of marine plankton.

“Plant Neighborhoods” – Studies the characteristics of coastal plant communities.

“Riparian Ecology” – Examines the ecology of coastal streams.



Albion Field Station, Albion, CA



1 chaperone/6 students

1 medical supervisor (basic first aid)



*Based on availability.