“SIERRA EXPLORATIONS” is designed for high school biology students (grades 9-10). In this program students focus on the natural history and ecology of the Sierra Nevada’s diverse ecosystems. In the module “Manage It,” public attitudes towards wildlife and its management  are examined. Students study the characteristics of local wild flowers to determine their identity in the module “Do You Have the Key?” Students examine the adaptations of plants and animals to alpine ecosystems in the module “Living High.” Aquatic insects and their ecology are investigated in the module “Water World.” The module “Something’s Burning” lets students look at the positive and negative effects of forest fires. Other modules include “What’s Next?,” “Deer Dilemma,” “A Wild Fish Story,” and “Just Try’n To Get By.”

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            Calaveras Big Trees tour                           Black Bear study

            Old Growth Forest hike                              Lake Tahoe Stream Profile tour

            Pond & Stream investigation                    Alpine Ecology hike

            Foothill Flower hike                                     Deer Population survey



            “Manage It” – Examines public attitude towards wildlife management.

            “Do You Have The Key?” – Investigates the use of taxonomic keys.

            “Living High” – Studies adaptations of plants and animals to alpine ecosystems.

            “Water World” – Focuses on aquatic insects and their ecology.

            “Something’s Burning” – Looks at the positive and negative effects of forest fires.

            “What’s Next?” – Studies the processes of forest succession.

            “Just Try’n to Get By” – Investigates factors affecting wild animal populations.

            “A Wild Fish Story” – Explores the biology and ecology of salmonid fish.



Leoni Meadows Camp, Grizzly Flat, CA



            1 chaperone/6 students

1 medical supervisor (basic first aid)


*Based on availability