“CALIFORNIA GEOLOGY EXPLORATIONS” is designed for students in grades 9-12. This program focuses on the geology of California with a special emphasis on the tectonics and paleontology of California’s Southern San Joaquin Valley and the surrounding mountain ranges.

In the module “I Was Just Petrified,” students visit several fossil sites to gain an understanding of California’s past ecosystems. Students visit the famous Carrizo Plain National Monument and study a section of the San Andreas fault in the module “Shake, Rattle and Roll.” The politics and ecology of California’s water battle is investigated in the module “Water Fight!,” and “Can I Please Get a Straw.” Other modules include “Black Gold,” “Ecology of Farming,” and “I Need a Drink!.”

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McKittrick Tar Seep tour                                         Carrizo Plain – San Andreas Fault tour

Buena Visit Museum of Natural History tour      Oil Museum of Western Kern County tour

Black Gold: The Oil Experience                            San Luis National Wildlife Refuge tour

Kettleman Hills fossil tour                                     Great Valley Grassland Preserve tour



“I Was Just Petrified” – Compares the composition of several fossil sites.

“Shake, Rattle and Roll” – Investigates California’s San Andreas Fault..

“Black Gold – The Oil Experience” – Studies California’s fossil fuel resources.

“Water Fight!” – Investigates California’s water battles.

“Can I Please Get a Straw? – Takes a look at the distribution of water in California.

“Ecology of Farming” – Explores the importance of farming.

“I Need a Drink!” – Examines the adaptations of plants and animals to the desert.

“Wild About Elk” – Takes a look at the California’ wild elk and their history and ecology.



Bakersfield area (southern San Joaquin Valley)